• Are you tired of dragging out couple’s therapy? Once a week, week after week you meet with your therapist. You feel like you are just getting into the “real” stuff and oops…it is time to close the session and go home. “We’ll finish this next week.” But then next week comes around and there is a whole new set of problems to address. Frustration! Can’t we just figure this out and let us be on our way? Isn’t there another way to do Couples Therapy?

    Get your scuba gear on and be ready to explore the inner workings of your relationship. In your own private two to three day retreat we’ll go deep into the subterranean areas to explore what the two of you have created. We’ll learn what is happening, how you got here and what you can do to build the relationship you want. You will learn new ways to navigate around those troublesome spots that impede the happiness and growth you so desperately want this relationship to provide you.

    Couples who come for a DEEP DIVE PERSONALIZED COUPLES THERAPY RETREAT arrive with a wide variety of purposes. Some have recently experienced a crisis such as a break in trust that is creating stress and unhappiness in the relationship. Some couples arrive in a mindset of do we still love each other? Do we even want to stay together?

    Other couples find themselves in the Land of Boring, Disconnected, and Unfulfilled. Their marriages have become hum-drum and empty. These couples know they are in need of some major CPR to reawaken the feelings they once enjoyed together.

    The unique format of our DEEP DIVE PERSONALIZED COUPLES THERAPY RETREAT provides you the opportunity to address many of the problems that are plaguing your relationship and inhibiting the happiness you both want.

    You can be comfortable knowing your therapist is specifically trained to work with both couples’ relationship issues and sexual issues. She also has many years of experience treating a wide variety of couples and relationship issues.

    To learn more about our DEEP DIVE PERSONALIZED COUPLES THERAPY RETREAT, contact Alexa at 702-228-0980 for a no-charge consultation. We will discuss your situation with you to be sure this is the best approach for you.

    Deep Dive Retreat Information

    When you schedule your DEEP DIVE PERSONALIZED COUPLES THERAPY RETREAT, we will direct you to a website where you will complete several questionnaires about your relationship and your current situation. With this prior information we can make the best use of our time together.

    Our DEEP DIVE RETREAT takes place in Las Vegas, NV at our office on West Lake Mead Blvd. There are hotel accommodations and restaurants nearby for your convenience.

    The fee structure for the retreat has two parts.

    The Part one fee is a set amount which includes the pre-assessment and two 60- 80 minute follow up sessions. These sessions will be scheduled at the time of your RETREAT and are done either live, phone or Skype. Part one fee is $450.

    Part Two fee is based on the number of hours of your DEEP DIVE PERSONALIZED THERAPY RETREAT. A minimum of 10 hours over a two day period is $1500. Part one $450 and part two $1500 is $1950.

    We also provide the option of up to 15 hours therapy time for your personalized RETREAT. This can be scheduled over a period of two or three days. The fee for the 15 hour retreat is $2250. Part one $450 together with the extended hours RETREAT is $2700.

    All fees are paid at the time of scheduling. In the event of unexpected events that require rescheduling we require at least a week advance notice to make those arrangements. The part one fee of $450 is non-refundable.