• Relationship Warnings

    Signs that say you may need a correction:

    • Days go by without you and your partner having a meaningful communication.

    • You find yourself delaying going home.

    • It seems like every conversation ends in a fight.

    • Marriage is starting to feel like a “life sentence.”
  • Today's Challenges

    Too Busy for Sex?

    "Busy, busy, busy." It is like a buzz word. Too busy to talk with each other, too busy to work out, too busy to read that book, too busy to have sex. Can you believe it? Something you probably thought in your single years could never happen. Too busy for sex? Are you kidding?

    Yet, this is exactly what is happening. Individuals, couples and families all claim they are too busy to do many of the things they would like to do or feel they "should" do. (Hopefully sex is not one of the things you feel you "should" be doing.)

    If you are so busy "doing" life that you may have forgotten to "live" life, it is time to make a change.

    First step is prioritize. When we really think about what is important to us, it is usually our relationships that come out on top. When our relationships aren't going well we have problems concentrating on the other areas of our lives.

    So, just for today, plan one way you could enrich one of the relationships in your life.